Pistaasi suklaalevy 100g, Venchi


Soft, three-layer Cremino bar with pistachio paste: two layers of milk chocolate enclose a white chocolate centre.
Dark chocolate bar filled with Cuor di Cacao, a bar version of the Cubotto Cuor di Cacao chocolate, from which it has borrowed the contrast of consistencies between the shell (in 75% dark chocolate) and the filling, and all the aromatic intensity. This chocolate has no acidity peaks and is extremely well balanced, to the point of being able to please even the most committed milk chocolate lovers. The Cuor di Cacao bar is a dark chocolate bar, without milk or hazelnuts. The Cuor di Cacao filled bar (100g) is enclosed in a special, freshness-saving wrapping, in turn contained inside an elegant box. Naturally gluten free


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